Creating a profile

Creating a profile on Releap is the first step in your decentralized social journey. This profile is required for you to interact with applications on the protocol.

Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Click Connect Wallet

Step 3

Select a wallet you would like to connect with

Users can connect with a Sui Wallet to use the Sui Network or they can connect with MetaMask to use zkSync. The profile creation for both networks remains the same.

Step 4

Click Create Profile

Step 5

Enter a username for your profile

Your username cannot contain any special characters and it cannot be edited once it is submitted so please double check the username before proceeding

Step 6

Enter more details and add a profile image and cover image to create a more complete profile

These details of the profile can be edited even after the profile is created

Step 7

Click Next to finish the process

You will be required to approve transactions on your wallet as they pop up.

Wallet creation is free at the moment but users will be required to cover the gas fees for this transaction.

Your profile is now ready!

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