The application layer is one of the most important components of the Releap Protocol. Applications allow users to interact with the open social graph of the Protocol. Building applications on the Releap Protocol is very easy and allows them to take full advantage of the shared social graph.

Every app on the Releap Protocol gets complete access to the user base and material available on it. As a result, launching a new product is easier because the existing social graphs can be seamlessly added to new applications. Thanks to the shared social graph, applications do not have to focus on simply fighting for users' attention, rather they will be required to compete to provide users the best interface, experience, and cost.

Applications building on the Releap Protocol

Releap App

The Releap App functions like a Web3 Twitter with additional features that allow projects to build, engage and reward their communities. Users can edit their profiles, publish posts, run campaigns and more. The Releap App has quickly gathered a diverse user base and onboarded many projects building on Sui.

Users on the Releap App can also take advantage of the sponsored transactions to cover their gas fees and enjoy a seamless web3 social experience.

Check out the App here


A new age video sharing platform that is free for all and intuitive to use. Users can create curated channels on SuiTube that house videos aligning with the theme of the channel. Unlike channels on YouTube, multiple users can curate on a single channel and monetize as engagement on the channel increases.

SuiTube allows content creators to free themselves from restricitve algorithms and instead build a community around shared interests.

Check out SuiTube soon.


Quibbly is a social question-and-answer platform where users gain and share knowledge through genuine human responses. Think Stack Overflow or Quora but on web3. Ask about coding, life decisions, world events – being decentralized means no question is off limits!

To signal high quality discussions, exceptional Q&A threads are periodically chosen by the community. Both the asker and the person with the best response are then rewarded. In addition, Releap Protocol’s tipping feature enables Askers to reward insightful responses directly.

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