Staking $REAP

Users can stake their REAP tokens to enjoy high returns.

Price feeds on our dapp is provided by Pyth oracle network.

The staking module for $REAP is very easy to use and it is customizable to suit your needs in terms of lock-up amount and duration.

How to stake $REAP?

Follow these easy steps to begin staking your REAP tokens

Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Click Connect Wallet

Step 3

Create a Profile if you don't already have one

Follow the steps here to create your Releap Profile

Step 4

Click the Staking tab

Before proceeding, ensure that the wallet you have connected with holds your REAP tokens

Step 5

Input the amount of $REAP that you would like to stake

Please double check the amount that you enter. These tokens cannot be un-staked or redeemed before the maturity date of the staking

Step 6

Select the staking duration in weeks

Please double check this duration. To maximize your return, stake $REAP for a duration of more than 1 week. Users cannot stake their tokens for longer than 52 weeks

Step 7

Verify the staking APR, amount of tokens and staking duration in the summary

Step 8

Click Stake $REAP and approve the sign-in on your wallet's pop-up

Your staking is now complete!

You will now be able to preview your stake in the dashboard, and stake more REAP tokens as needed

Staking further $REAP

After an initial staking of tokens, users can further stake more REAP tokens as needed. However, all staked coins can only be claimed at the latest maturity date.

For example

On 10th Sept

  • User stakes 20 $REAP

  • Duration of 2 weeks

  • Claimable on 23rd Sept

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