Releap Protocol


You can create campaigns on Releap with a variety of customisations and rewards for users. To create a campaign, complete the following steps:
Step 1
Step 2
Click the My Brand tab
Step 3
Click Create a campaign
Step 4
Input a Title and Description for your campaign
Step 5
Add the criteria for users to claim the reward. You may choose from a list of tasks by clicking the respective buttons,
  • URL
  • Text
  • Image
  • Twitter
  • Wallet addresses
  • On-chain action
More than one criteria can be set if needed
Step 6
Set out the rewards for successful users
  • Points
Users can claim points on Releap
  • Badges
These are On-Chain Credentials that users can claim and will appear on the profile as well.
If you choose to reward badges, you must upload a graphic for the badge and set the supply of the same. Badges cannot be larger than 5 MB.
You may set more than one reward
Step 7
Click Create Campaign to finish the process.
You will be required to approve the transaction on your wallet to successfully create your campaign.
Your campaign on Releap is now ready for users!

You can find all your campaign in the My Brand tab