Releap Protocol

Community FAQ

How to get a Releap Profile?

At the moment users can acquire a profile through whitelists in partnership with select communities. A number of Releap Profiles will also be allotted to reward community members.
Please look out for further announcements on how to get your own Releap Profile.

Will Releap be open for all?

Yes!! At the moment Releap Protocol is in Beta testing, however during the period of Sui testnet Releap Protocol will be open to all.
We will be working on the feedback we receive from the testing period to further improve Releap protocol before it is open for all. Stay tuned for more updates!

When can I claim my Releap Profile?

We encourage users to claim their Releap Profile as soon as possible. After 45 days, the profiles cannot be claimed.

Can I transfer my Releap Profile?

Yes! The Releap Profile functions like any NFT. As such, it can be transferred through the Sui network and sent to any Sui wallet.

How do I get in touch if I want to share my ideas or propose integrations and partnerships?

We’d love to hear from you! Please drop us a message on our Twitter or email us at [email protected]